DOXA Film Festival: Stock Characters: The Cooking Show

Uzume Taiko's Jason Overy and Bonnie Soon composed a musical score and worked with Director, Elaine Carol and the cast of this production to create an 'Iron Chef' inspired taiko drum piece for the original theatrical play. This documentary film tracks the creative process of the making of the play. Check it out at the DOXA Film Festival on Friday!

Stock Characters: The Cooking Show

Elaine Carol, Canada, 2011, 52 mins 

Friday May 11 | 1:00 PM | Pacific Cinémathèque

In 2006, a diverse group of indigenous and immigrant youth came together to create a play based on a satire of the Japanese cult cooking show Iron Chef. Under the no-nonsense rule of director Elaine Carol, the actors learned to trust each other and trust themselves. As each cast member is forced to deal with their own volatile feelings, as well as the pressures of mounting a large and complex production, tempers flare. With everything from funding cuts to disappearing actors threatening the production, the fate of the play hangs in the balance. But as Karine, Dakota, Roberto, Michael, and Herb learn to cope with their own individual issues, something remarkable happens. When the curtain goes up and the troupe takes centre stage, will they bring down the house?