TAIKO DRUMMING Try It! You'll Like it!

GET INVOLVED! For those who have wondered what it feels like to PLAY TAIKO!
BEGINNERS can try a Saturday Taiko Basics Drum Workshop to sample the experience before deciding to enroll for a month of Thursday Beginner Taiko Basic Classes!

DO IT! For those who want to get more action PLAYING TAIKO!
INTERMEDIATE players can join the Saturday Taiko Lab Workshop as a single experience or it may lure you into joining the monthly Thursday Taiko Lab Classes to deepen your training!

Taiko is a great activity for everyone! It lifts the spirits, focuses the mind and trains the body. March Classes have begun and the energy is flowing in the Studio! The spirit of Ame no Uzume no Mikoto (the Heavenly Alarming Female, who, according to Japanese legend, was the first dancer and drummer in Japanese mythology) is with us! WE INVITE YOU TO JOIN US for the April and May sessions! These classes are geared to have fun while challenging your brain and body!