Uzume Taiko 'Drums on Air' 2012 German Tour


Here we are one week into our month long tour of Germany. We have played three concerts out of eighteen so far and are in the throws of six performances, a day off and then six more performances. German audiences are very receptive to the show we have brought from Canada. We are happy to be presenting the music from our new CD, 'Skin Tones' which the audiences have been buying before, during and after the concerts.

Thank you to everyone who has helped to support this tour and the nightly shows; specifically the theatre technicians, local promoters and, of course, our fans in the audience. Special thanks to our guest artists Alcvyn Ryuzen Ramos, and Curtis Andrews. Also, the wonderful Ed Arteaga for his lighting and general good nature. Very special recognition needs to go to Bonnie for her tireless efforts putting all the details together and being our fearless leader. Also to the wonderful folks at Magnetic Music for putting this tour together. We have had the wonderful Ilka as our Tour Manager up until now and will be switching to work with Dani (our old friend) after this week. Thank you for eveything Ilka.

Here are a few pix of the adventures so far...



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