ArtStarts Showcase

Uzume Taiko trio, Jason Overy, Eileen Kage and Bonnie Soon, will be showcasing at the ArtStarts Showcase on Thursday, March 1 @ 2:45 PM at the Orpheum Annex. The showcase is an opportunity to reach delegates from B.C. school districts who attend the showcase in Vancouver to book events for their schools. The challenge for us is to condense our 45 min school performance to a 12 min showcase piece. The past weeks preparations have included script edits, re-blocking choreography, theatrical set adjustments, prop,mask and costume maintenance and rehearsing the condensed version. A successful presentation can result in school show bookings for the coming year so we put our best efforts into this opportunity to showcase our work. Check out ArtStarts web site at to learn more about their services and programs to bring arts into B.C.'s classrooms.