Mitchell Island Studio front

Uzume Taiko Drum Group Society is now located at #100 - 11566 Eburne Way, Richmond, B.C. V6V 2G7. Here is a peek at our new location!

We have relocated operations to the Mitchell Island Business Park in Richmond. There is ample space to drum and room to move! The ceiling height is 25' high so the drumming will be heard in the neighbourhood. Since December the space has been transformed from the Reign Art Studios to our Rehearsal/Production Music Studio. We give heartfelt thanks to the Drake Brothers, Greg, Tim and Mark from Drake's Universal Electric Motor Sales and Service who were our wonderful landlords at 1254 Frances Street in east Vancouver from 2001 - 2018. They retired their long running family business and sold the building to a developer who will be demolishing the 100-year-old building; prompting our move to Mitchell Island. Once we are settled, I look forward to checking out Mitchell Island sport businesses, "Badminton Vancouver" and "6Pack Indoor Beach" (volleyball & archery tag).

Uzume Taiko Drum Classes and Workshops take place at the Uzume Taiko Studio located at #100 - 11566 Eburne Way on Mitchell Island in Richmond.

Here is some Mitchell Island history from Wikipedia:
Mitchell Island is an island in the North Arm of the Fraser River in British Columbia, Canada, located between the cities of Vancouver and Richmond and is incorporated as part of the latter city. It is crossed by, and has on and off ramps for, the Knight Street Bridge, which is one of the main bridges between the City of Vancouver and Richmond. Originally agricultural, its land is now mainly used for industrial purposes. The island is host to a number of auto wreckers. Mitchell Island now includes the area of Twigg Island, originally known as Mason's Island and also known as Bell Island, a name which was rescinded in 1951 after the channel separating it from Mitchell Island was filled in. Also incorporated into Mitchell Island after the intervening channel was Eburne Island. The island's name commemorates the original Crown Grantee, Alexander Mitchell.

The only way to get on and off the island by road or walking is through on- and off-ramps near the middle of the Knight Street Bridge. There is also a bus stop near the exit and entrance from the bridge; however, buses do not travel on the island itself.