(A)Live In Concert!!
Album Release Date

Join the Uzume Taiko Ensemble in a live concert setting for the second last show of our successful 2015 European tour!

Recorded on Saturday November 27th at 'De Kom' Theatre in Nieuwegein, Holland. Feel the power, precision, and passion of this dynamic musical ensemble.

Album Tracks

Stealing Thunder (incl. Entrance Parade)
Undula (incl. Nabune Beach intro)
Chappa Chatter
'X' Dream
Doh je nei, Mama (Thank-you, mama)
Amaterasu's Song
In Your Dreams
Arcs & Fury

Album Label
OO ZOO MAY Records
Album Producer

Uzume Taiko - Jason Overy, Bonnie Soon

Album Musicians

Bonnie Soon, Jason Overy, Naomi Kajiwara, Boyd Seichi Grealy, Kim Sato on Taiko Drums, Percussion and Flutes
Ed Arteaga- Technical Director, Dirk 'Bryzze' Brysbaert - Sound/Recording Engineer

Album Notes


Uzume Taiko Ensemble: (A)Live in concert!! is available at Bandcamp