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6-Week Studio Renovation Sneak Preview ~ Ready for Flooring & Mirrors

Uzume Taiko Drum Group Society is now located at #100 - 11566 Eburne Way, Richmond, B.C. V6V 2G7. Here is a peek at our new location!

Uzume Taiko School Drummers have been training all year on Thursday evenings at the Taiko Studio! They will be performing at the 15th Anniversary Collingwood Days Neighbourhood Celebration at Noon on Saturday, May 26 at Gaston Park in east Vancouver located near the Joyce Station Skytrain. 

Come along with 24/604TV Fit and Fun Host Stephanie Florian as she gets a lesson on the Japanese Taiko Drums.

Watch Sebastien Despres 2011 mini-documentary film.
Taiko drumming is a Japanese art form which lends itself beautifully to community-building exercises. In this mini-documentary, Bonnie Soon and Jason Overy discuss how the group drumming workshops offered by Uzume Taiko can help foster a united, collective voice for and amongst the community.

Uzume Taiko is active performing School Shows and Teaching Workshops for youth during the Winter 2019 Season in the Lower Mainland and in B.C. School Districts. The troupe also performs for Corporate Events in the Lower Mainland.

Uzume Taiko drummers led Taiko Drum Basic Drills Workshops at the Richmond Children's Arts Festival 2017 held at the Richmond Cultural Centre. Students from Richmond and Delta Elementary School from K - 7 participated with lots of enthusiasm! This was the third year Uzume Taiko has shared their love of taiko drumming with youth at the week-long festival. There were plenty of arts and music activities for Festival goers to enjoy and we appreciate being a part Richmond's annual festival of creativity for kids!


We enjoyed learning basic drum sticking techniques, taiko form and playing rhythm and movement drills together at the Saturday Workshop. There is a lot of concentration and focus in the first hour of the session and then everyone gets a chance to loosen up and let their energy flow during the group rhythm and movement drills. There is a harmony of sound and spirit that is reached after playing taiko together for two hours! Congratulations to everyone for sharing their energy and creating an uplifting experience together!

Uzume Taiko celebrates their new CD release, "Skin Tones" and their return from touring Germany in a concert with Curtis Andrews, Alcvin Ramos and Special Guests. Hypnotic mbira and shakuhachi flute melodies cross paths with large choreography on resonating barrel drums. South Indian and Ghanaian rhythmic traditions are heard on the range of textures and timbres of the taiko drums. The shakuhachi flute is paired with odd time signatures and sophisticated drum melodies. This show transmits rhythms from around the globe and invigorates audiences!