Uzume Taiko List of Collaborators and Clients

Music Collaborators:

Sal Ferreras - Percussionist and Impresario

Victoria Symphony Orchestra

Chor Leoni - Choir

Hard Rubber Orchestra

Mearingstone Pipe Band

SFU Pipe Band

Big Wreck - Rock Band

Orchid Ensemble

South Asian Arts


Albert St. Albert - African Percussion

Peggy Lee - cello

Takeo Yamashiro - shakuhachi flute

Michael O’Neill - Scottish highland pipes

Alcvin Ramos - shakuhachi & shinobue flute, didgeridoo

Graham Ord - Saxophone, flute, electronics

Amy Newman - Tenor Saxophone

Simon Kendall - Hammond organ

Dave Corman - Electric Guitars and Synthesizers

Ben Rogalsky - Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Su Ling, Gamelan

Curtis Andrews - South Indian and African Percussion

Boris Sichon - World Percussion


Taiko Collaborators:

Eileen Kage and LOUD - Founding Member of Uzume Taiko - Founding Member of LOUD

Tiffany Tamaribuchi - Taiko Star - Sacramento Taiko Dan

Kristy Oshiro - Independant Taiko Drummer

Yuta Kato - Taiko Star

Masato Baba - Taiko Star

Leslie Komori - Founding Member Uzume Taiko

John Endo Greenaway - Founding Member Katari Taiko, Uzume Taiko and Sansho Daiko

Portland Taiko 

Noriko Kobayashi


Artist Collaborators:

Gerardo Avila - storyteller, clown, theatrical consultant

Kokoro Dance

Paula Ross Modern Dance Company

Snake in the Grass Moving Theatre

Rosario Flamenco

Vanessa Goodman, modern dancer

Lorita Leung Dance Company

Chengxin Wei, choreographer

Mortal Coil

Adam PW Smith, Cinematographer, Photographer, Graphic Design

Marc L'Esperance, Audio Production

David Jacklin Photography

Jordan Jakobczyk, B.A., IA669, Cinematographer/Editor/DIT

Dr. Patrick Pennefather

Left Right Minds / Web and Content Marketing



Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad Bid

2010 Vancouver Olympics Games

Vancouver Canucks

Vancouver Convention Centre (East and West)

Vancouver Club

Boeing Seattle

Four Seasons Hotel

Terminal City Club

Nikkei Internment Memorial Centre - New Denver

Various Ministries and Departments in Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

Vancouver Powell Street Festival

Victoria Symphony Splash

Vancouver Marathon

Mortal Coil


Chan Centre

Roundhouse Community Centre World Music Youth Program

Margaret Grauer Teaching from the HeART



Folk on the Rocks (Yellowknife) Global Jam performance

Vancouver International Jazz Festival

Vancouver Folk Festival

Mission Folk Festival

Wreckhouse Jazz Festival

Newfoundland Sound Symposium

Filburg Festival

Harrison Festival of the Arts

Under the Volcano Festival

Vancouver International Children’s Festival

Prince George Children’s Festival

Calgary International Children’s Festival

Mississauga International Children’s Festival

Seattle International Children’s Festival



Uzume Taiko Members have led Workshops at:

North American Taiko Conferences: Los Angeles, Sacramento

Regional Taiko Conferences: Seattle, Portland, Vancouver

International Council for Traditional Music: Newfoundland

BC Music Educators Conference: Vancouver

Learning Through the Arts Conference: Quebec



CBC - Local and National

CTV - Local and National