Uzume Taiko

Canada’s First Professional Taiko Ensemble

We are a loud fusion of Pacific West Coast, North American, Asian, and European sensibilities with a flair for the dramatic! We make our music using Taiko drums, percussion instruments and flutes and find interesting ways to combine them with modern instruments and voices to create music that is an expression of our desire to see harmony and peace in the world. Explore our site and feel free to be in touch; let the rhythm of life move you.

Members of Uzume Taiko perform in a variety of different situations ranging from elementary and secondary school shows, to community festival and corporate events and touring evening concerts throughout B.C., Canada, the US, Mexico, Asia, the United Kingdom and Western Europe. Being as diverse as our great Nation is, we try to live up to our namesake's ideals of spreading love and happiness wherever and whenever we play our Music!


Uzume Taiko Studio Spring Classes are now posted and open for Registration.

Experience a 360 degree Virtual Rality Video experience! 240 Northern produces the "Virtual Room of Music" Concert Series featuring Uzume Taiko and Local Vancouver musicians. Stream videos at 240 Northern YouTube Channel on Sundays beginning April 16, 2023.




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