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"New art doesn't come more exciting than this. Part drumming ceremony, part costume drama, part jazz improv, part world music sampler; Uzume Taiko's In Your Dreams is high-voltage theatre. This is music you feel in the involuntary flutter of your eyelids, in the sympathetic rumble of your diaphragm. This is music you feel, as one enthusiastic opening night patron put it, 'right down to your colon."
Michael Scott, The Vancouver Sun, Canada

"One of the most remarkable percussion ensembles ever to hit the UK Hugely inventive, ingenious and dangerously mesmerizing." 
Roddy Philips, Press and Journal, Scotland

"The three were masters of every nuance of their instruments, creating furious vortexes which brought tremors to the Mousonturm Theatre, and they embellished these with spirited and dance-like movement. Their bodies, their faces were radiating pure joy..."
Sylvia Staude, The Frankfurter Rundschau, Germany

"Uzume Taiko brought one back with a thunderclap, filling the space to overflowing with the sound of pounding sticks on skins.... These drummers were amazing in their combination of strength, precision, creativity and theatricality. Whirling past each other, arms and sticks flailing as they struck one and then another of the various sizes of drums that dominated the stage, they put out an intense energy of youthful vitality and joy."
Maura Volante, The Georgia Straight, Vancouver, Canada


"I highly recommend the Uzume Taiko Drum group to play at other schools in British Columbia. I know the students at North Otter Elementary, grades Kindergarten to Seven, enjoyed the powerful demonstration of the majestic taiko drums. The program was varied and always interesting"
Max Olesen, North Otter Elementary

"Yesterday we had one of the best assemblies ever. It was exciting and educational and most of all it was fun."
Lindsay, Grade 7, North Otter Elementary

"The performance was not only spectacular from a creative perspective;costumes, colours, design etc., but the cultural aspect touched my heart deeply."
Teacher, L'ecole Henry Anderson

"I liked the big drums that made big noises!!! It was so loud I felt the drums vibrate inside me. I think it was the best performance that ever came to our school." 
Sasha, Fraserwood School


It was an absolute delight to have Uzume Taiko grace our Summit reception with their incredible performance. From the very beginning, our experience with the band was nothing short of exceptional. Bonnie, the band's point of contact, was not only incredibly responsive but also highly organized. She ensured that all our questions and needs were addressed promptly, and she provided us with clear instructions on what was required for the stage and setup times.On the day of the event, the band arrived ahead of schedule, well-prepared, and in high spirits. This punctuality and readiness allowed our event to run seamlessly, and we were able to start right on time when their slot arrived. One of the standout aspects of their performance was how they skillfully intertwined the cultural and historical elements of their music into the show. They shared the fascinating history of the band and its origins, providing context that deepened our appreciation for their artistry. Additionally, they took the time to explain the significance and intricacies of the taiko drums, engaging the audience and making the performance even more immersive.

We are eagerly looking forward to future opportunities to work with Uzume Taiko, and we highly recommend them to anyone seeking a unique and captivating performance that combines culture, history, and extraordinary talent. Thank you, Uzume Taiko, for making our Summit reception a resounding success!

Winnie Chironga, AMSSA (Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Service Agencies of BC)