A mixed menu of Asian/North American Music.

Album Label
Aural Traditions Records, Canada; Flying Fish Records, U.S.A.; and Pan Records, the Netherlands
Album Release Date
January 1990
Album Producer

Produced by Uzume Taiko. Executive Producer: Gary Cristall

Album Musicians

John Endo Greenaway (taiko)
Eileen Kage (taiko)
Leslie Komori (taiko)
Takeo Yamashiro (shakuhachi)
Xiao Yu (pipa)

Album Tracks

Spring on Heavenly Mountain
Trap (A Love Song)
Night of the Torch Festival
Lullaby For Taiyo (Komori Uta)
The Secret of Life
Sazanami (Ripple)

Album Notes

Recorded in 1990 at Mushroom Studios. Mixed by Simon Garber and Uzume Taiko