The Interactive Virtual Taiko Drumming Workshop is an engaging Program that inspires participants to Move and Make Music! The Program is suitable for K to Gr 12 students in schools, for at-home learning environments and for community celebration events. Artist-Residency Programs can be scheduled for daily or weekly lessons. Uzume Taiko Student taiko drum gear is available for rent in the Lower Mainland region.

This Workshop has four components:
1. Watch a Virtual Uzume Taiko Drum Performance.
2. Gather DIY Drum Objects and Drumsticks from home or rent Uzume Taiko Student taiko drum gear.
3. Participate in a live ZOOM Taiko Basic Drills Drum Lesson.
4. Practice Taiko Drumming with online videos.

Students experience the art form through the Virtual Performance. They see examples of DIY Drums and Drumsticks from home objects that can be used to drum with. Students attend a live “Taiko Basic Drills” ZOOM session and can access on-line “Taiko Basic Drills” video tutorials with corresponding Study Guide to practice with. For further learning, purchase the "Taiko Drumming Basics" book and receive links to 21 Video Tutorials that support the exercises in the book.

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Interactive Virtual Taiko Drumming Workshop | Uzume Taiko